It all started when…


Design In Bloom was born of my love for flowers, and specifically, for creating beautiful works of art using them as medium, my paint or clay, as it were.  It is a calling and an artisan craft.

Business Philosophies

 Beauty. Honesty.  Fairness.  Respect for each other and our clients.  Pride in our work.  Joy and laughter.  These are the qualities I want instilled in my business, for every single person that works for me, and most of all, for myself as an example.  These are the qualities we'd like to share with every single client.

Every contact with Design In Bloom is rooted in these principles - we're going to find you the best product, we're going to make this process easier for you, and we're going to give you the best dang service at the best price we can.  

Continuing Education

It is of such importance to keep moving forward, both personally and professionally.  Toward that end, my designers and I are constantly taking classes and attending workshops to improve our game.  In May of 2018, I joined an elite group of experts in the wedding and event floral industry - the Chapel Designers.   Holly Heider Chapple, the incredibly talented and enthusiastic visionary, created this group to emphasize the artistry of floral design, help streamline the process of how and where artists grow in their art, and how their businesses follow.  As her logo proclaims, we're a gathering of stylish wedding experts.  I'm so delighted to be included.

CD LOGO_Badge_Small - Copy.jpg

Bonafides and Credentials ::: After a career as a Financial Analyst, I went back to my roots in art and earned certifications in floral design from the Floral Institute of Design in Portland, OR, under Leanne Kessler, AIFD, that include Wedding Specialist and Certified Floral Designer. A two year stint as an apprentice to a New York based AIFD designer rounded out my education and gave me a solid footing in the mechanics of floral design, and the business of floral design. I’ve had the chance to workshop and study around the world, willing to eat tacos and pasta to have the funds to do so. Workshops, teachers and classes include: NYBG, Boerma Instituut, Paula Pryke, Hitomi Gilliam, Gregor Lersch, Holly Heider Chapple, Françoise Weeks, Susan Mcleary, Andrea and Lou Gagnon, Kelly Shore….you get the idea I’m a bit of a knowledge nut, right? Skills baby, can never have too many skills.