My Story


Hey there!

I’m Cynthia, the founder and Grand Poobah of Design In Bloom. A self-diagnosed plant geek rattling off names in Latin in the garden while always looking to grow just one more ‘might be perfect bloom for this wedding,’ my aesthetic always works back to nature and adding just a little bit of whimsy for truly unique designs. Great colors, good solid design, excellent mechanics and locally grown product really inspire and excite me!

A daughter and granddaughter of a hardworking clan with artistic tendencies - there are master level art professors, gardeners, chefs, carpenters and painters in my immediate family - I’ve always been encouraged to explore the world of form, color, function as an extension of my personality. It’s what we do! Although it took a couple of detours through more traditional careers, as life always does, my quirky and laughter loving self ended up where I am supposed to be - with flowers and a garden.

Since starting my career in flowers and Design In Bloom 19 years ago (!), I’ve gone from an apprentice designer in New York, to opening new flower shops, to my own studio, to teaching others including other floral designers and being a mentor to those coming up behind me. Always learning, always curious, always adding more techniques and skills to my repertoire. I’m insatiable when it comes to knowing. Studying and workshopping with the best the industry has is important, it keeps the creativity flowing and the practical hands on business of floral art fresh and on the edge of trends. Learning never goes out of style.

That I found my perfect match in floral design and gardening is a constant source of joy and dang hard work. How can I help make your event amazing? What are your floral dreams? Don’t worry, if you don’t dream in flowers, I’m happy to share mine and create something that is all about you. Let’s talk, I’m here to help!