The Process

 Photo courtesy of  Kim Hall Photography

Photo courtesy of Kim Hall Photography


It all starts when you Contact Me

Let's have a conversation, whether by email, text, Skype, Facetime, or the good old-fashioned way - talking!  

 We’ll begin with an hour long complimentary meeting that may be broken into 20 minute segments if by phone or email.  During this time we’ll talk about your overall floral plan, how many, what, where - what colors, what flowers...the basic overall outline of what you want and need to make your event flower spectacular.  Budget will be discussed, please have your numbers handy.   You’ll be able to brainstorm with me, someone who has provided flowers for hundreds of weddings.   The goal is to capture the best practices for the event you’d like to create.  

After this initial hour we should have a good idea if we’re a good match and would like to work together.  If so, wonderful!  Based on our conversation and your overall floral plan, we’ll sign a contract, get your date set with a deposit, and continue working toward the best day ever.

If you’re not sure, and need a little more time to talk things through, want to continue the creative process and have a master designer helping you focus your design details, that’s great too!  Our hourly rate for this additional service is $100, billable in 20 minute increments, or $25 per quarter hour.  Should you decide to commission Design In Bloom for your event, the entire amount of ‘design detail’ funds will be applied toward your final amount due.  

A non-refundable deposit of one third of your total and a signed contract is required to hold your date on our calendar.  Once you’ve booked your wedding with you’re entitled to unlimited phone and email access and two additional floral plan revisions.  Site visits or additional in person meetings will be billed at the rate of $100/hour + travel expenses.    

Final numbers and payment will be due three weeks prior to your event.

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