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The struggle is real.

What’s your floral budget?  What a difficult question for so many couples!  One of the worst parts of my job is telling a couple their dream floral plan is 3x their budget.  How to avoid this?  Create a reasonable budget from Day 1.  What’s reasonable?  Here are some rough guidelines for the Northern Virginia market, in 2018:

These are average costs for each category for the number of designs indicated.  It's a  rough  guideline.

These are average costs for each category for the number of designs indicated.  It's a rough guideline.


Simple - Expect flowers and greenery in traditional styling, in containers that will be yours to keep.  Color palettes and design styles will be honored, but specific flowers are left to the designer to choose from the best of what is available to create the most visual bang for the budget.  The best choice if you have a tight budget and don’t have absolute requirements for what specific flowers you want to go where.  Some of our most intimate weddings have inspired us to compose the most creative designs.

Typical - Roses and hydrangea can compete for attention with this level of budget.  Compositions may be more design driven and use unusual containers, with more artistic flair and your choice of blooms in your color palette.  Additional consideration is given to the overall atmosphere of the event and how you want everything to look and feel.  

Upscale -  Interesting flowers and colors find their way into this event - garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, anemones and other Pinterest favorites may make an appearance with supporting players in an array of textures and contrasts.  Containers are interesting and often rentals due to the high design nature of the centerpieces.  Ceremony florals are lush and romantic, and often designed to be moved to the reception for additional decor.  Tall centerpieces become an option.  Flowers will be Noticed, and you love that.

Pinterest+ -  Very often a couple comes in with this budget, copious notes and photos, and we turn all that info into a cohesive focused design that best represents the overall aesthetic of the couple.  How you want your guests to experience the ceremony and reception sites plays a part in how the florals are designed.  Romantic, lush, full, over-the-top, editorial, artisanal - these are all words our clients to describe this level of floral event design.  

Some musings to consider— if you’re on a tighter budget spend your floral dollars where it matters most.  What have you instructed your photographer to shoot?  Personal flowers almost always get short shrift for bridesmaids and parents, but these people are the most important in your life and your photos with them will hang on your walls.  Don’t skimp here.  Likewise, the centerpieces will be the focal point for most of your guests.  If you valued their friendship and support enough to invite them to your wedding, something fresh and beautiful in the center of the table, even if it’s a bowl of seasonal fruit, can be a thoughtful thank you for their attendance.  

Be reasonable about your expectations.  If you send me a photo of Beyoncé’s wall of flowers and want it recreated for your ah-mazing nuptials, be prepared to offer JayZ funding.  Alternately, let's use Ms B's flower wall and come up with an inspired design that's for your wedding alone.

Experience levels of the firm you hire to be a part of your event contribute significantly to your ease in the process.  If you’re not comfortable with one of your vendors being able to handle your event, chances are they aren’t either, and it can be a recipe for disaster.  Choose a team that you feel you can trust, you know they understand how you want your wedding to look and feel, they have your back.  If we don’t hear “do whatever you think will work” from our clients at least once in our consultations, we know something isn’t clicking somewhere.  Hire experienced professionals who love what they do. (Advanced degrees in design, floral design certifications and clear participation in continuing education don’t hurt either!)

Beautiful flowers can be delivered at any price point.  No matter your budget, we’d be delighted to talk with you about all your options.

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