Open House at The Piedmont Club

This past Friday, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Private Event Open House at The Piedmont Club in Haymarket, Virginia.  It's a lovely venue with the Clubhouse overlooking the golf course and multiple patios that make ceremonies and cocktail hours special (you should see their new patio sets, gorgeous!  Fire pits included!).  I love to participate in these 'bridal shows' as they give me a chance to meet so many brides and talk about my favorite subject for hours.  It's always inspiring to hear what brides are planning, and perhaps interject a thought or two to help them along with the process.

Since the budget for flowers and decor can be so daunting - I put together a little handout of the designs we brought to the party, and the cost for them as designed.  This was handed out to anyone who came to have a chat with me (and some couples that I foisted it upon!) with the caveat that these prices are variable - as with most things in life, we can scale it back and make it fit your budget, or we can pimp that design!

Say hello and welcome!  The perfect spot to splurge a little and set the tone for your event is the entry or foyer.  Crystals and white dendrobium orchids adorn silver curly willow with iridescent butterfly accents.  (With this picture, I sincerely wish I were a better photographer as my angle does not do the design any justice.)  This design $125, with rentals.

Blush & Ivory
A soft and romantic design full of hydrangea and mini gerbera daisies.  A classic.  Notice the marabou collar and the tufts of white feather with aurora borealis rhinestone detail.  This design $110.


Soft Copper & Navy
The elegance of champagne is never lost and this design speaks to that.  Hand turned copper wire accents and big ole sparkly broach round out the design.  This design $65.

Gold & Aubergine
Recalling crisp autumn days, this color combination is perfect for an event during the harvest season or change up the colors and go any season!  Butterfly detail is sweet and a nice unexpected touch. This design $100.

Pure & Peacock
Drama always occurs when you have a bold color and white.  Uplight the room in teal and get the party started!  This design $85.


The “B” Word

Understanding the cost of wedding flowers can be difficult, especially when you see beautiful bouquets in the grocery store for $10!  Here are some insights on why the cost is what it is, and how you can best utilize your floral budget.
Fresh flowers add a special touch to any occasion, and  are perhaps seen the ultimate expression of extravagance when planning an event.  
Use One Flower for Savings
You love hydrangea?  Roses?  Great!  The more blooms you use of one type of flower, the greater your cost savings in the long run.  Bulk discounts come to your florist when she/he uses cases and boxes of blooms, so be savvy and get those savings passed on to you.  Every time you add one more different type of flower to an event, you don’t buy just one bloom, you very often buy an entire bunch.  If all those blooms can be used, great!  If not, you’ve just paid for something you’re not using.  Not great.
Be Reasonable About Color
If I had a nickel for every discussion on ‘pink’ I’ve ever had, I could retire today.  Flowers are living things and their growing conditions very often influence their final shade.  If you absolutely have to have a particular color, like your shoes, you’re going to have to dye it and hope for the best.  Of course, this comes at a price.  To avoid the must match problem, use different tones and shades within one color to have designs that ‘go’ rather than ‘match.’
Don’t be a Flower Snob
Carnations have come a long way, baby!  The underdog workhorse of the flower world is back and bigger (and more colorful!) than ever.  Designed with an eye toward modern trends, they can be a wonderfully budget friendly flower.  Mums can also add a full and glamorous feel to a design if used well, and again, budget friendly!  
Most Importantly.....
Work with a reputable local floral designer, hopefully one specializing in events and one who is a Certified Wedding Specialist <hint, hint>, to come up with a reasonable and workable floral plan for your event, and then....the hard part...stick to it!