The Martha Effect

I love Martha Stewart and reading the newest issue of Weddings very often inspires and informs.  She’s so crafty!  BUT, she’s also not at all interested in keeping within a reasonable budget for your wedding.  One of the recent issues has Blake Lively’s bouquet on it from her wedding to Ryan Reynolds.  Oo la la!  It’s masterpiece - lush garden blooms in pale colors accented by jasmine vines and a beautiful duchesse satin vintage ribbon.  $300, easy, probably more.  If this is your budget, great!  I’d love to re-create this for you.  If you want to avoid the Martha Effect, be open to floral substitutions that will mimic the design, without costing a fortune.  Your bouquet is one area where you should get what you want, but you shouldn’t need a second mortgage to do it.  
I found this similar bouquet while Googling for Images.  Its design is attributed to Flowers by Fudgie out of Sarasota, Florida.  You’ll notice the same overall feel and texture to the bouquet, colors are pretty close, and some ‘gourmet’ blooms are used, but it’s not all about them.  Pale pink lisianthus, white freesia, pink spray roses and pink hydrangea are at its base, the texture comes from spray of waxflower, seeded eucalyptus and bupleurum.  At somewhere between $125 and $150, it’s half the price as well.  
One thing I'd add to help 'ritz' up this bouquet is a few fully opened roses in a rich color that compliments, but doesn't match the pink, the same way the Martha staff has.  One of my favorite roses to use that opens fully in this color is 'Finesse :

Simply popping in a few of these lovelies would add interest and a little warmth, not to mention your photographer will thank you for adding a contrast in color.  

So the next time you've picked up a copy of Weddings, or Brides, or any other publication with a nice fat floral bouquet on the cover, remember they probably didn't have a budget for the photo shoot.  If you're smart and work with a flower expert, you can have that same look, without the huge price tag.