Ice, Ice Baby

If you're a pop music fan, you'll recognize the title rip off from the infamous Vanilla Ice rap song from the 80's, who ripped off the baseline from Queen and David I don't feel any guilt using it here.  Thanks Rob Van Winkle, for the catchy phrase. (Apologies to those of you who now have the dunn dunn dunn danah dun dah ear worm.)

I say Ice Ice Baby as this bouquet is all about a quiet white heat; a full base of locally grown peonies and feathery astilbe with Escimo roses, made all the more textured with double white freesia and the oh so charming bells of leucojum, aka summer snowflake.  Leucojum is one of my favorite blooms to design with - only available when they're blooming in our garden, not a single commercial wholesaler sells them.  Beautiful clean pure white, and if you look closely you can see small spring green dots on their tips, which my Nana used to tell me were from the fairies marking each one as they harvested the nectar.

The greens in this bouquet are a nice backdrop to the profusion of white.  The hosta 'June, also grown in our garden, forms a solid base of color that allows the white to pop.  Judicious use of variegated pittosporum and the natural leaves of the astilbe are the only other greens.

It's one of my favorite bouquets, so one more photo, just because I can.  Aren't those leucojum charming?