Summer Garden Bouquet

Bouquet No.2, another Emily Bouquet - keeping to our garden rose start, here's a continuation on the theme - 

Peach Shimmer and Romantic Antike garden roses are the focal of this bouquet, their delightful peachy pinkness highlighted by accents of white and ivory.  A bouquet for another Emily, it's full of texture and interest, alluding to deeper depths.  Orlaya, the lacey white umbel just peeking out here and there, is one of my favorite flowers to use to add a bitter of summer garden to a bouquet.  

The orlaya in this bouquet was grown in our gardens here at the studio, as was the pennycress (the little round disks of green), the white peonies, and the white wands of gooseneck loosestrife.  The loosestrife is a bit of fun, the spikes rising above and curling a bit to give some movement in the bouquet.  Little bits of parviflora eucalyptus also move when the bride walks or a breeze blows.  Dusty miller, white spray roses and white waxflower are also in this bouquet.